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50ml / 1.6 FL OZ
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22.9538922°N | 43.2857242°E

Fruity, Citrusy, Animalic


Ozonic notes

Ferrous chord
Tiare flower

Red earth
Animalic notes
White musk
Tobacco absolute

Rio de Janeiro.
In the outskirts of the Brazilian metropolis, in the shade of the vegetation of the Tijuca National Park, the macumba rituals take places.
Macumba is a term from the African Bantu language used to define religious practices that blend pagan elements of African origin with influences of popular Christianity and with multiple influences from Brazilian culture. Contrary to what Western culture thinks, the macumba is not always necessarily connected to rituals of a "negative" nature: rather, in the majority of these syncretic propitiatory rites the attempt is to promote protection, health, prosperity, luck, well-being.
In these paranormal rituals, animal sacrifices are also made to encourage the positive influences of the deities.
MANGOMACUMBA is the first reference of the OSCURATACOLLECTION by Spiritica.
The opening of MANGOMACUMBA extrait de parfum 35% is extremely fresh, fruity, joyful, bright and tropical. The sweet notes of realistic and tropical mango blend with more angular and citrusy nuances of lime and pineapple. Everything is surrounded by a touch of peppermint, which, with its ozonic notes, contributes to giving a broad and oxygenating freshness from the first spray.
A bloody and juicy heart makes space between ferrous notes and tropical flowers, directly referring to the places, the tools used and the sacrificial offerings made during these rituals.
During its long, increasingly dark and ferrous evolution, MANGOMACUMBA offers us an olfactory ritual experience that combines darkness and light.
A very clear contrast from the opening to the tail, which is backed by a very precious one tobacco absolute, mixed with the darkness of the very luxurious ebony essential oil and the warm and wild notes of red earth, softened by sweet and reassuring lactonic notes.
MANGOMACUMBA wants to be an invitation to "look beyond" what has been imposed on us, a stimulus to unite the diversity of cultures, as well as a way to get to know one of the darkest and most mysterious sides of human existence.
MANGOMACUMBA was created in collaboration with the young nose Daniele Cerroni who created the fragrance step by step following the conceptual ideas of the founder of spiritualica Daniele Muratori Caputo.
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