A unique feature that distinguishes the perfumes of the ILLUMINATA COLLECTION is the resin cap with a photoluminescence mixture patented by the Only the dreamers company, who with hard work have managed to create a mélange that guarantees a highly effective performance in the dark.
The light that the cap absorbs during the day is returned throughout the night and represents precisely that occult, mysterious and paranormal side that the entire collection communicates.
The study behind the creation and concept of this cap conveys a series of mostly esoteric knowledge for which I am not allowed to go into the explanation: the suggestion I give is to expose the entire bottle during moonlit nights full to the rays of the star.
To derive the "transformative" benefits of light, even on an olfactory level.
The pieces are handmade therefore in their craftsmanship they are unique and unrepeatable, and the streaks can change from cap to cap thus enriching the unique side of the collection.

This cap is protected by exclusivity and replication is not permitted