I created SPIRITICA for the love of perfumes, and for the love of my life experiences so that anyone could enjoy them and have an inner journey as happened for me.
ILLUMINATACOLLECTION is not the usual rhetorical "olfactory journey": each fragrance of this first collection in fact contains the photograph of a dazzling experience of mine lived years ago in a precise point on planet earth. In the packaging you will find the precise coordinates of this point.
My desire is not only to tell you about my experience, nor to paraphrase the magical reality of these mystical places.
Instead, I want you to "investigate" with your curiosity.
Each place described is in itself a place with a high potential of spiritual energy where paranormal phenomena legal to the metaphysical concept of enlightenment very often occur.
It is not my desire (nor will) to describe these aspects to you in detail, but I would like the SPIRITICA fragrances to make you transcend reality to reach the heights of this inner realization.
Every name, every note, every cap, every recipe of these fragrances has a research of years of work and lived experiences.
Red, Blue and Green like the RGB colors of monitors, the ILLUMINATACOLLECTION pushes us to reflect on how spiritual reality is mixed, nowadays, with the impalpable digital aspect of what surrounds us.


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